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Dear Business Owner,

Visualize the idea of millions of people being exposed to your business daily. Focus on the aspect that these millions of people are ONLY the ones that are in your target market. These people aren’t strangers; they actually will sing your praises to all of their friends and family practically begging them to use your product or service.What would the impact of these eager and motivated people be to your business? Would it be tough to deal with so many eager new clients?Hopefully not! This isn’t a fantasy and it doesn’t require investing millions of your hard earned dollars. There is a place were over 400 million people check dailyand you can position yourself, to your target market for just pennies a day (on some days it may be just a single cent).

Facebook isn’t just about “likes” and Ads, at least it’s not when you want to make money daily

Facebook is one of the largest and most powerful social networks that is available. While there are many people who spend their days wasting time with games and trivia questions the user base of over 800+ million users represents an opportunity to do business for the savvy business owner.

With so many features it can seem challenging to find out where to start. Should you create an application? Maybe start a group? Or maybe even launch a Facebook Advertising account? While all of those can work, we would invite you to consider having a strong marketing foundation before you jump into all of the features of Facebook is what will help your business the most.

One of the most powerful (and yet still barely used) features is that of using a Business Fan Page. A Fan Page allows you to build more than a brand, it allows you to develop a presence that captures leads AND builds a teaming mass of people that will sing your praises from the roof tops!

I invite you to discover more about using the power of a Facebook Fan Page for your business. When you request our FREE, 5 Day Course on Building Likes, Leads & Sales, we will also provide you with our Free Facebook Marketing Manifesto report (and access to a free 37 minute call) you will quickly discover “dirty little secrets” of Facebook Fan Page Marketing like:

  • Why it’s foolish for a business owner to be inputting their favorite movies and music when their Fan Page is the real key to getting sales from social networking
  • How status updates (which practically all gurus teach) is only giving you access to 1% of your potential client base
  • Why the number of your friends and time online are NOT important to generating leads and sales from social networking (did you know that most top businesses can spend less than 15 minutes a day online?)
To your success,
Joey Bridges
Joey Bridges
National Speaker, Author, and Social Marketing Coach
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